Having the greatest web site on the planet with awesome graphics is not enough in this competitive world, the site needs to be optimised for various search engines. From the images to the content to the structure, this needs to be organised and search engine friendly.

For example, images on a page look great to us humans, great colors, sharp and relevant to the content on that page but, a search engine has no idea what the image is about or how great the image is. Behind an image is some code, this is the important part that Google or Bing for example need. A few simple tags can demystify the photo for the search engines.

What does this mean?
All the content on a website has to be understood for both readers and the robots. There are various tools on the internet that can give you a quick scan for free and provide a report to isolate any issues. This can be a good starting point when wondering why your site might not be where it expect in the search results.

Our Services
Our service goes beyond this a long way. We consider over two hundred factors when optimising a site. For example,

  • In site linking
  • All the titles, descriptions and page dates
  • Per page content
  • Spelling and grammar
  • Image attributes set
  • Sitemaps and Robots
  • Site architecture
  • Speed
  • Plus more than 192 other factors

To give your site a good chance against the competition, TALK TO US.