This is the big one, the content. Long gone are the days of spending ten minutes creating a website with some stock text, talking about how wonderful a company is. now we are concerned with providing good quality content, gaining trust and engaging with our readers. Everything that is on your website, emails and social posts is your content. Starting with photos, are they relevant, clear and align with any text content, not just random photos that are liked. The text, how you speak to your prospective clients, formal, informal or maybe jovial. You want to build trust with your clients, empower them, give them something worth reading, we call this 'Thought Leadership'. Behind all this text is a person, not a robot typing, and we want our clients to talk to us.

Unfortunately, content is often overlooked in the complete sense. Good content works well with good structure, content planning and having a calendar. Very often companies have various social media accounts, maybe eBooks and whitepapers, so having a good long term plan to post consistent and good articles will not only get a good placement in Google, but get and build that trust with prospective customers.

From Text to Photography, your content is important. TALK TO US.