Google, Adobe and Bing have some amazing tools for website analytics. Knowing where visitors come from, how long they stayed and what pages they click on is incredibly important, especially if one of those pages leads to a sale. We can also see data for a failing page, for example, we have a sales process that involves various pages but we do not actually get the sale. Analytics can enlighten us that there is a page with some kind of problem, maybe too confusing.

The analytics applications go well beyond just seeing visits, we can create custom reports, set up goals and conversions and much much more. If we combine this with Adwords, we really can see how our Ads perform against how our website monetises the visits.

Setting up Google Analytics for example is straight forward. Use a gmail account, log into the analytics console, add a property, get the tracking code and follow the instructions to embed on your site. In analytics go to live view then refresh your web page. Voila, we should see one visitor.

Where we can come in is, take your reporting to another level. Clear reports with easy to read information about the performance of your site and pages. Also find site problems and give you solutions to rectify these.

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